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Our worlds can get hectic leaving us out of balance. Creating space in the body allows you to naturally align to a state of coherence. Connecting with the energetic field to raise your frequency, restores your body to its natural state of wellness.

Energetic adjustments invite the body to relax, receive and move energy to release, align and expand the physical, mental, emotional, energetic constructs of the body. Creating space for the body to address stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, digestive issues and adrenal burnout.


“Fate destined that I would reach out to Valerie without ever having experienced energy healing from her to resolve remotely a serious hospital situation that was occurring to a family member. Valerie embodies love, kindness, compassion, and trustworthiness. I am eternally grateful for her intervention in this event. I have also received multiple healing sessions using several different modalities, in which I have experienced many positive healing results. I have referred her services to other family members who were facing difficult situations, without hesitation, with positive outcomes”


Angelina Arciero

“Val is excellent at what she does! I can’t even begin to describe how much her sessions have helped me! I’m so grateful I found her. She truly cares about genuinely helping me and she does! I love her integrity and kind, heart centered approach. She is a total gift.”

Jennifer A Smith

Jen Akasha Smith, PhD(c)

“Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Val at an open house where she generously offered a sample of her services. At that point, I had limited knowledge about access bars and biofield tuning. However, from the moment I laid down on the table for the treatment, I was genuinely impressed.

Val possesses an incredible ability to sense and navigate energy, pinpointing areas of “stuck” energy corresponding to specific ages. Some of these ages held memories that were challenging for my conscious mind to recall, but the impact of Val’s work was undeniable. With a silent expression of gratitude and farewell to whatever was hindering my energy flow, I felt a remarkable release.

I hadn’t fully realized the extent of the energy I carried until Val worked her magic. Post-session, I experienced a noticeable lightness, and it was evident that Val is not only a beautiful soul but also possesses an extraordinary gift.

So convinced of her capabilities, I reached out to Val for remote healing sessions for my unwell cat. He eagerly participated in each session, positioning himself by the computer to receive his healing – my cosmic kitty, indeed.

I wholeheartedly recommend Val for any alignment needs. Val’s expertise is truly transformative.”

Melissa Tavares

“Over the years on my journey to wellville I discovered that the physical body is an amazing machine and if you provide it with the right fuel it will heal itself but we are so much more than just the physical body and when I met Valerie she told me about the different modalities that she works with on her clients that involve sound therapies and touch to ignite our frequencies, magnetic field, connect to our conscious, subconscious mind and even memories to diminish and resolve blockages and help with the body’s natural ability to heal – Valerie tailored a few modalities specific to me, and with her etheric touch and tranquil voice harmoniously fine tuned these disruptions; the subtle changes were immense over time.  These modalities are the new health system where you’re in control of listening to your body and providing it what it needs and Valerie’s your gal to go on this journey with!”



“Val is a true angel. Thanks to her sessions, my back pains and my sinuses disappeared.

Highly recommended for her healing sessions.”


Modalities & Treatments

Access Bars®
Adrenal Reset
Body Processes
Biofield Tuning®
Chakra Balance
Crystal Singing Bowls
Energetic Alignment
Hormonal Balance
Light Language
Sound Therapy
Tuning Fork Alignment

One Session
30 min
$111 investment

Three Sessions Package
30 min
$333 investment

Nine Sessions Package
30 min
$888 investment

One Session
60 min
$222 investment

Three Sessions Package
60 min
$603 investment

Nine Sessions Package
60 min
$1777 investment

Modalities and timing will vary depending on individual needs, at the time of your appointment.

To book an appointment contact me at

Valerie Midanik is an educator and energetic practitioner; applying Reiki, Access Bars®, Light Language, Biofield Tuning®, Sound Therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy & Quantum Healing to realize energetic alignment. Through multi-dimensional energy Valerie aims to restore your body to its natural state of wellness.

Valerie is available for new clients in Ontario, Canada and online for remote healing, Internationally. If you’re interested in booking an appointment or a consult to learn more about a treatment tailored to your needs, please reach out!


Holistic Healing Fair:

Sunday September 8th from 10 am – 4 pm EST Newmarket

Sunday December 8th from 10 am – 4 pm EST  Vaughan Holiday Fair

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